Coach Shmeyer Pickleball

Sharon Meyer started playing Pickleball in November of 2018. She knew as soon as she started playing that she loved the game and wanted to learn more and become a better player. 

She soon became a USA Pickleball Ambassador for Sugar Land/Missouri City. As the Ambassador, she organized Open Play at the Sugar Land

City Park, and met with the First Colony HOA to ultimately approve and build two dedicated Pickleball courts. 

As an IPTPA Level II certified Pickleball Instructor since 2020, Sharon uses her retired teaching skills to introduce and teach others all about pickleball. She provides many different lessons for adults and kids in groups of 1-6 players.

She loves playing recreational Pickleball, entering tournaments and playing in leagues. She has won many medals in doubles and mixed doubles over the last four years. The most exciting one is a 'Golden Ticket' in the Houston Open at Memorial Park in November of 2022, qualifying for the 2023 Nationals being held in Dallas in mixed doubles.

Ross Meyer's first sports love was baseball. He played from five years old until the end of college at Southwestern University. He found Pickleball while living in Austin in 2015 at the Austin Jewish Community Center.

 He loved the game so much that he got both of his parents playing.  It took a couple of years for them to investigate, but he was very right. He is more a recreational player than one who enters tournaments.

He is an IPTPA level I instructor and teaches classes outside of his fulltime job. Ross lives in Sugar Land. He is also the web administrator for Coach Shmeyer Pickleball.

Allan Meyer is a fantastic partner to Sharon. They attended high school together in San Antonio and were married in 1981. They have two grown children and two granddaughters.

He is an IPTPA Level II certified coach and USA Pickleball Ambassador to Sugar Land/Missouri City. He is a full-time employee with Village Plumbing and Air as a Comfort Advisor. Give him a jingle if you want to get out of the Houston heat.

Allan teaches Pickleball in the evenings and on weekends. He loves to play recreational and in tournaments. Often playing mixed doubles with Sharon. All lobs are his!