My wife and I engaged with Sharon to learn the basics of the game and improve enough to beat my “smack-talking” older brother and his wife. I am very happy to share that Sharon helped us improve a tremendous amount and we took the title with 2 straight wins in our best of 3 game series. Not only did Sharon help us with the mechanics of the game, but also with strategy. I am 100% confident in saying we would not have won, nor looked as good, had we not spent time with Sharon. Our love for the game of Pickleball increased tremendously from our time with Sharon.  We highly recommend you book time and learn from a very solid instructor.

~Doug and Melissa Reed

Eager to play Pickleball but needing to know the basics, I was fortunate enough to connect with Sharon.  She knows and loves Pickleball and her enthusiasm about the sport is contagious. Sharon is attentive and meets everyone where they are in the game. She understands each person’s style is different and instructs based on the person’s strength and abilities.  “New” to Pickleball can be intimidating but Sharon is encouraging and is committed to helping newbies advance.  She certainly helped my game. Thanks Sharon!

~Angie Denmon


Back in June of 2021 I decided I wanted to learn how to play Pickleball. 

I joined the Greater Houston Pickleball Group and posted my interest in playing. Sharon responded right away and had some group lesson slots open. I knew as a former tennis player that I needed to learn a whole new set of skills and strategy of Pickleball.  Sharon is an exceptional instructor. In the months I have been taking lessons she has developed me into a much better pickleball player than if I had just started playing without lessons. She has an art of teaching the dink and the foundation of court awareness. Also, she has worked with me in making my strokes more compact which is a difficult skill to teach when you have played tennis for so many years. I see many tennis players get out onto the Pickleball court and just bang the ball without any concept of the finesse and strategy behind the game of Pickleball.  Sharon’s passion and positive energy for the game transfers onto the court when she is teaching. Anyone that wants to learn how to play the game and improve, I recommend Sharon as a great, professional instructor to take lessons from.

~Sarah Scent


I have taken several Pickleball lessons from Sharon and she has helped my game immensely. With her background in education and her knowledge of the sport, she is an excellent instructor for all levels. She has patience, great communication skills and an ability to see what someone needs to improve upon in their game. In addition, she is a very genuine, likable person and I thoroughly enjoy her lessons. 

~Sharon Petrarca


 I started playing Pickleball for the first time in March 2021. Sharon Meyer started me loving the fun and challenging game. Her love for the game and for people was the perfect combination as a coach and now friend!  She gave me all the basics and then as I have progressed, she has challenged me more. Her instruction is great for any level. She helps you visualize each aspect of the game and is a great teacher. I am very competitive, and she continues to encourage and challenge me. The great thing is no matter where you are in your game she meets you there. Her kindness, humor and easy smile makes it perfect!

~Laura Hartman