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Intro to Pickleball is someone just starting out.-- 1.5 hour class

Skills/Drills/Court Awareness is someone working to improve shots and game play. We play and analyze points in each class, so each class is different.-- 1.5 hour class

INTERMEDIATE OR ADVANCED 3.0 Skills/Drills/Court Awareness is intended for players who are strong 3.0s or above and have been playing for sometime wanting to improve shots and game play. We play and I critique your game play.-- 1.5 hour class.-- 1.5 hour class

Partner Play is for two people who sign up together, or one player, who are working on their game play at being a better partner for tournaments. We will play game points and work on court movement, choosing the right shot and placement.-- 1 or 1.5 hour class

Skills and Drills is for working on your strokes. Each class is different and focuses on the strokes you are interested in working on. -- 1 hour class

Ball Machine is for working on your shot technique. I will bring my ball machine to feed the balls and I can work with you on technique.-- 1 hour class

7-10 and 11-16 year olds class intended for kids to learn about Pickleball. Suggest attendance at multiple classes. 7-10 year olds work on eye hand coordination and the components of the game. 11-16 year olds work on the components and play.-- 1 hour class